Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wow :P

Hello again,

Last night was such a stressful time. I sang again, with the chior at commencement. I WAS SO SCARED. Our conductor Erica, was graduating that night, so it was kind of confusing trying to figure out what to do and when to do it. The music teacher there would have usally stepped in for Erica to lead us on and conduct us if Erica was buisy or couldn't be there, but she had to be with and conduct the school Jazz? band. Normally we would meet at the school in the music room an hour before the preformence, warm up when everyone that was showing up showed up, practise the song that we would be singing, which happend to be Oh Canada last night and on Wednsday night, Then chill of about maybe 20 mins. or so and then get lined up and go on. But last night Erica had to go for a fitting for her gown, because she was graduating, and the music teacher was buisy with the band. There were alot of people that came, but some of people didn't show up to sing. We arrived at the school for 7:00 pm but didn't start to warm up until 7:30 and we were going on for 8:00. After warming up, the guy that was playing the piano for our acompenyment (is that how you spell it?) wanted to practise the song once just so he knew what it was going to sound like, but he played it really fast, so it was kinda hard to keep up at first. Then we had to line ourselves up, which went ok. Then Ercia was on the stage already so that she could conduct us and she had to mossion us on. It was kinda emberressing. Oh well though, what are you going to do??? Then we sang. I thought it sounded just as good as when we sang on Wednsday, but some people in the chior thought that it sounded weird. I like being in the chior so much. I love to sing. Most people that I know that are labled "Popular" and like to sing, didn't eather get in, because we had to autition for it, or didn't try out. I felt good about myself when I went to the first meeting and saw that two [2] of my best friends were there and some people I already knew where there. It felt good to finally be good at something and not have a "Popular" person there to spoil it and take away my thunder. Good job choir. Lets keep up the good work!!!