Sunday, October 5, 2008

TECH Project


I have to do a TECH project with my friend Jessica. We have to make a cyborge mask that has four [4] LED lights in it and a remote with switches that turn on the lights. We also have to decorate it. I will post pictures of us making it when it is finished. We have to where it and the other person has to hold the remote and turn on and off the lights in the mask to gide us though an opstical corse. I should be fun. Ihope we get a good mark. It was suppost to be done and ready for Friday (the one that just past) but our teacher said that we could have the weekend to do it. We still have to make the mask, but that should be the easy part. The hard part about it is the sotering (I think I spelled that wrong :) ) You know when you melt that silver wire stuff with the sotering iron, which I thought kinda looked like a curling iron, and you take two [2] other peises of wire or metle or something and you use the melted wire to stick the two [2] peises of wire together like glue. I have already burned myself twice!!! The fist time wasn't really a burn. A speck of the silver wire stuff that I was melting, spat out at me and landed on my hand. It didn't really hurt, it just startled me. Then on Friday, we were cleaning up and I put the sotering iron down and got up, and I accitently put my finger on it because I'm smart!!! I like jumped back and almost tripped. Then as I was walking away Jessica was picking up the rest of our stuff and SHE almost touched it too!!! I had to like yell across the room for her to watch out. Lol. We're so accident prone. Anywho, as I said before, I will post pictures of everything when it is done and I will post the mark we get.

Thanks for reading <3