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Monday, October 20, 2008

A story I am writing.....

I can hear her scratching at my bedroom door.She moans, as if her soul is coming out of
her little body. The screeching, as if her wrists were being cut, not by her own will. She
tries to peer though the key hole by my fancy door knob. She pulls, trying to pry my heavy,
wooden door, with her little delicate fingers. How did I get myself into this? Why must I
evaluate and investigate everything the seems out of the ordinary? My name is Jone Reads,
and this is my story...

It all started when I was about five or six. It was my birthday. My aunt Milly
decided to invite me to stay at her house for a whole week. I was so excited. Lizzy, my
aunt's stepdaughter, and I never really got along. But in my aunt's eyes, we were a perfect
set of best friends. As you could probably tell, Lizzy wasn't too fond of my soon fate.
She had two choices at this point, become my favourite cousin, or make my week a living
hell. She chose living hell.

As the days went by, the numbers on my countdown turned into single digits. Finally all
of my waiting was over. My mum drove me to my aunts house. After insisting that she get home
to make my father and 14 year old brother dinner, my mum sat down on my aunts new blue couch
with a cup of tea and a scone. My aunt argued with Lizzy about my sharing a room wit her, and
finally gave up and offered for me to stay in the guest bedroom. My mother insisted that I would
be to scared to sleep for 6 nights by myself, but I wanted to be treated older like Lizzy and said
that I would be fine. After my mother FINALLY left, we had dinner and I went up stairs to get changed
in my pj's. As I was changing, I heard a noise. It was coming from a locked drawer on my aunt's dresser.
I tried to open it but discovered that it was locked. I decided not to worry about it and to
forget about it. Little did I know that that was now impossible. My fate was already sealed.

As the hours passed by, I realised that I wasn't as brave as I thought. I found that I truly
was too scared to sleep by myself for one night, let alone six nights. I finally got up my courage
and closed my eyes and fell asleep. The next morning I calmly explained to my aunt that I wasn't alright
with sleeping by myself in the guest bedroom. She offered to let me to sleep down stairs on the couch, if that
would help, or for me to sleep with her and my uncle Sam, or my mother could come and stay with us, or I could
go home and call off the rest of the visit. Unfortunately, Lizzy overheard our conversation and started to tease me
and call me a chicken and a baby. Tears started to fall on the hardwood floor of the kitchen from
my face then my aunt calmed me down and scolded Lizzy. She started to cry too. Her mother sent her up to her room. As Lizzy ran up
the stairs, she turned around and yelled "You better hope that Clair doesn't follow you home, even though it's already too late,
she has already chosen you," she told me. Then she disappeared into the upstairs portion of the house.

I asked my aunt who Clair was. She sat me down on one of the bar stools seated by the island in the middle of the gigantic
kitchen and started her story. She explained that Clair was her great grandmother's china doll. "When my she died she, Clair was passed
down to my grandmother, then to my mum and then on my 10th birthday, to me. When your uncle Sam and I got married, I gave the doll to
Lizzy for her 10th birthday. When she first got it, she loved it. She wouldn't go anywhere without Clair." She said. I asked if
my mother knew about Clair, and she said yes. "She does know about Clair, but doesn't like to talk about her. She thinks that
old china dolls are creepy. That's why I got Clair from our mother instead of her. She was supposed to get it, for she is the oldest, but she
insisted that I would enjoy her more then she would. She was right."

I decided that I would call my mum and ask her if she could come and pick me up to take me home. "Maybe you'll feel better
about staying longer when your older Joan?" I agreed with my aunt. As usual, my mother was late picking me up, and stayed for dinner
after insisting that we get home. After dinner, I went upstairs to the guest bedroom to get my bags. When I first entered the room
I could feel that something was wrong but I couldn't put my finger on what it was. I opened the closet to take out my clothes and was startled
and surprised to see the old china doll was sitting on top of my luggage. I was so scared. I could have sworn that I saw her blink. I just
figured that Lizzy was trying to scare me by putting her there. I tried not to think about it and grabbed my bag and closed the closet door. Just before
I left the room, I noticed that the locked drawer on the dresser was ajar. I decided not to worry about it, and proceeded down the stairs to meet
my mother and aunt.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wow :P

Hello again,

Last night was such a stressful time. I sang again, with the chior at commencement. I WAS SO SCARED. Our conductor Erica, was graduating that night, so it was kind of confusing trying to figure out what to do and when to do it. The music teacher there would have usally stepped in for Erica to lead us on and conduct us if Erica was buisy or couldn't be there, but she had to be with and conduct the school Jazz? band. Normally we would meet at the school in the music room an hour before the preformence, warm up when everyone that was showing up showed up, practise the song that we would be singing, which happend to be Oh Canada last night and on Wednsday night, Then chill of about maybe 20 mins. or so and then get lined up and go on. But last night Erica had to go for a fitting for her gown, because she was graduating, and the music teacher was buisy with the band. There were alot of people that came, but some of people didn't show up to sing. We arrived at the school for 7:00 pm but didn't start to warm up until 7:30 and we were going on for 8:00. After warming up, the guy that was playing the piano for our acompenyment (is that how you spell it?) wanted to practise the song once just so he knew what it was going to sound like, but he played it really fast, so it was kinda hard to keep up at first. Then we had to line ourselves up, which went ok. Then Ercia was on the stage already so that she could conduct us and she had to mossion us on. It was kinda emberressing. Oh well though, what are you going to do??? Then we sang. I thought it sounded just as good as when we sang on Wednsday, but some people in the chior thought that it sounded weird. I like being in the chior so much. I love to sing. Most people that I know that are labled "Popular" and like to sing, didn't eather get in, because we had to autition for it, or didn't try out. I felt good about myself when I went to the first meeting and saw that two [2] of my best friends were there and some people I already knew where there. It felt good to finally be good at something and not have a "Popular" person there to spoil it and take away my thunder. Good job choir. Lets keep up the good work!!!

Continue of Nervous :S

Hey everyone,

Well it's Saturday October 11th 1:57 pm. As you all know, I sang at my school in the chior on Wednsday. I went really well. I was really nervous and scared but I'm glad I did it. Thanks for all of the sapport :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nervous :S

Hi everyone,

It's Wednesday October the eighth [8th] at 4:42 pm. Tonight at 6:30 pm, I have to go to my school again to sing in the choir. Heres the story of that:

It all started at the beginning of the year. I had a goal. My goal, or one of them anyway, was to join all of the clubs and groups and teams that I wanted even if my friends didn't want to join with me. So before the new year started, I had decided that I wanted to join the basketball team [which I didn't :P] , any art club that there is [there isn't any :)] , the enviromental commitee, student council and the chior. I used to have a friend named Jessica [not TECH almost burned herself after seeing me burn myslef twcie Jessica] who was interested in singing too [she moved away] , so we came up with a plan to join the high school chior together. It turned out that you had to audition for the chior. By this time Jessica had already signed up and signed me up too. The day before we had to autition, she found out that she had to move away and go to Nelson. :P yuck :), and I was away the next day, so we both missed our auditions. When I came back the next week [the auditions were on a Friday] , the music teacher found me in the hallway and told me that I could still audition and I told her that Jessica had moved away. so long story short, I auditioned and made it and found out that there are two [2] of my best friends and a good friend of my brother's were in it too. I was very happy.

So tonight I have to sing "Oh Canada" with the chior tonight at our school's exolence night [which I'm not getting an award at :( ]. I AM SO NERVOUS!!!

I'll let you guys know how it goes :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

TECH Project


I have to do a TECH project with my friend Jessica. We have to make a cyborge mask that has four [4] LED lights in it and a remote with switches that turn on the lights. We also have to decorate it. I will post pictures of us making it when it is finished. We have to where it and the other person has to hold the remote and turn on and off the lights in the mask to gide us though an opstical corse. I should be fun. Ihope we get a good mark. It was suppost to be done and ready for Friday (the one that just past) but our teacher said that we could have the weekend to do it. We still have to make the mask, but that should be the easy part. The hard part about it is the sotering (I think I spelled that wrong :) ) You know when you melt that silver wire stuff with the sotering iron, which I thought kinda looked like a curling iron, and you take two [2] other peises of wire or metle or something and you use the melted wire to stick the two [2] peises of wire together like glue. I have already burned myself twice!!! The fist time wasn't really a burn. A speck of the silver wire stuff that I was melting, spat out at me and landed on my hand. It didn't really hurt, it just startled me. Then on Friday, we were cleaning up and I put the sotering iron down and got up, and I accitently put my finger on it because I'm smart!!! I like jumped back and almost tripped. Then as I was walking away Jessica was picking up the rest of our stuff and SHE almost touched it too!!! I had to like yell across the room for her to watch out. Lol. We're so accident prone. Anywho, as I said before, I will post pictures of everything when it is done and I will post the mark we get.

Thanks for reading <3

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Calli <3
Annie Fae <3
Lucy <3
Willow <3

About me

Hello again,

I know your probably wondering why I just don't use the provided "About Me" section on my profile, but I wanted to do things my own here it goes...

A Snippet:
Greetings. My name is Madeleine-Joy. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am cocation. I have four [4] cats and a fish. My cats arn't all actually mine, their my mums, but I have one [1] named Willow . Her sisters name's are Calli, Lucy and Annie Fae. I will post pictures of then in the near futer. I also have a fish named Teddy. I love that name.

Her Life:
I live with my parents. I love them <3. I had a brother named Nick, but he died when i was 12. He died on Devels Night. I still go to the same school that he did. All of the teachers knew him and now know me. It's kinda nice.

The Girls:
The best ever girls in my life right now are;;;
my mum
annie fae

The Boys:
The best ever boys in my life right now are;;;
my dad

The Crib:
I am currently living with my parents in our apartment in my home town. I wont tell you where I live becuase I don't want creepers at my door coming to stalk me. :P My room is a total disaster area right now....but hopfully it wont be for long. I wish to decorate it soon....but that involes actually cleaning it...what a bummer eh???

The Magic Number:

July 5th

School Spirit:

School Colours:
Navy Blue and Gold/Yellow

Favourite word at the moment:
Meow :D

sleeepy :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Greetings friends

Greetings friends,

My name is Madeleine-Joy, but I am known as The Randomest. I am new here. I usually like to make websites, but my mum suggested that I make a blog. She has a blog too.